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Posts By Epicurious

Is Cold Brew Coffee Better for You Than Hot Coffee? |

As I write this, it's an unseasonable 91 degrees in Chicago, which is way too hot to drink hot coffee (or be called autumn), but just right for a tall tumbler of cold-brew coffee.

Hopefully by now, you've mastered the Epi team's cold brew hacks, tried out nifty gadgets that do the brewing and dispensing for you, and understand why cold-brew lemonade exists. What's left? To determine whether all this cold-brew consumption is actually good for you. For that, I turned to registered dietitian Sonya Angelone, a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Posts by CNET

How to make cold-brew coffee at home - CNET

Whipping up quality cold-brew coffee is easy and delicious -- and saves you money.

Once you taste really good cold brew, it's very hard settling for ordinary iced coffee. Coffee shops and gourmet grocers are aware of cold brew's charms, and they now charge a premium for it. My local Starbucks charges $3.87 for cold brew (at current rates that converts to £2.95, AU$5), an extra 68 cents on top of their already pricey $3.19 large iced coffee ( £2.43, AU$4.18). Adding "house-made vanilla sweet cream" brings the cost up to $4.19 ( £3.19, AU$5.49, 16 oz.).

Now consider that a 3-pound bag of Kirkland Costa Rica coffee ($15 at my neighborhood Costco) can make five 24-ounce batches of concentrated cold brew. With each batch enough for 12 separate drinks, that's 60 drinks for $15 ( £11.43, $19.66 AU$) compared with three to four bought at the cafe. That's why you should definitely brew your own, and better tasting, cold-brew java at home. You'll not only avoid the high retail mark-up, but you'll always have delicious chilled coffee on hand, too.

Posts By Popular Science 

Make DIY cold brew coffee—without fancy equipment | Popular Science

If you want to buy cold brew coffee, known for tasting smoother and naturally sweeter than its hot cousin, you’ll have to deal with its inflated price tag. Luckily, it’s quite easy to make your own cold brew, despite what Big Coffee would like you to believe. We’ve put together a DIY recipe for the caffeinated cooler, along with a primer on the science behind it.

Posts by Taste Aholics

What is Cold Brew Coffee & How to Make It Easily |

It’s a given that everyone has different tastes in coffee. Some people prefer a dark roast served pure black, while others will pour everything imaginable into their cup, from sugar, to cream to cocoa or even peanut butter! The varieties are endless when it comes that perfect cup o’ Joe. But what’s even more interesting are all the variations that come with actually brewing the coffee to begin with!

We’re probably all familiar with the standard “drip” method. Most coffee makers use this method to brew up some quick coffee using only ground coffee, some water and coffee filters. These are most commonly found in homes and offices, and while they’re quick and handy, the stuff that comes out can be bitter and bland. Perhaps that’s why most people prefer their coffee with sugar and cream.

The problem with this drip method is that water is pushed through the coffee grounds quickly and doesn’t have a chance to actually brew! Think of how you make tea: pour boiling water over tea leaves and leave it to mingle for some time! We leave our tea leaves in our cup until we’re done drinking. Compare this to the 20 seconds or so it takes to get some coffee from a coffee maker; it’s no comparison.

Posts By Real Simple

What's the Difference Between Iced Coffee and Cold Brew?

For coffee drinkers, warmer weather signifies the much-anticipated switch from a hot cup of joe to a tall glass of iced. It makes sense, then, that a new trend in iced coffee is taking both coffee shops and grocery stores by storm: cold-brew coffee. The hype is nothing to scoff at: Starbucks reported a 20 percent increase in iced drink sales nationwide after it introduced cold brew coffee in stores, according to Bloomberg. But what sets it apart from traditional iced coffee? Here’s everything you need to know.

Posts by Chef Steps

Quick Cold-Brew Coffee | Recipe | ChefSteps

As its legions of fans will readily attest, cold-brew coffee—with its **low acidity and rich body**—is well worth the 24 hours it usually takes to make.