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How to make cold brew coffee in french press

If you love iced coffee and you're not already brewing your own, you need to invest in a French press and start making your own cold brew. It is so insanely easy. You don't need a lot of time or fancy equipment. Plus, it's a lot cheaper to invest in a French press than it is to buy a cup of iced coffee every day.

I started making cold brew a year ago, and it's been a lifesaver. I can roll out of bed and pour myself a glass of cold brew (with milk). I don't have to get dressed, walk to the coffee shop, order coffee (interacting with people in the morning is hard), and then pay. Here's how to make cold brew coffee in a French press.

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Make cold brew coffee at home

Wishing you could duplicate that icy cup of cold brew your favorite coffee shop serves up?
Good news: you don’t need to be a trained barista to master this skill.
All you need is a few basics to get started.
Even better: Dynamite Coffee in Cape Girardeau gave Heartland Weekend three tips to success.

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What ever happened to plain old ice coffee? Cold brew.

We are too fancy for iced coffee anymore. Now we drink cold-brew, the magical caffeinated elixir that is suddenly everywhere, from your fussy, independent coffee shop to the most proletarian of Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s the drink of young people. It’s the drink of summer.

“It’s iced coffee taken seriously, rather than iced coffee as an afterthought,” said Peter Giuliano, senior director of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

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How to make ice coffee that tastes better than cold brew

It’s getting to be the season for iced coffee in the northern hemisphere, and there are a dizzying array of methods to prepare it.
Last summer marked the year that “cold brew” coffee—a method that steeps coffee grounds for many hours with cold or room temperature water—went mainstream. Cold brew, which has a smoother, less bitter taste, represented a radical improvement in summer-appropriate coffee.
But iced coffee lovers, there is a better way.

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How to make cold brew coffee concentrate at home

ortland, Oregon–based roaster Stumptown is a champion of cold coffee. In addition to bottling its signature cold brew, Stumptown offers nitrogenated cans ($5), milk-topped cartons and sparkling coffees. Brent Wolczynski holds the title of cold brew production manager at Stumptown and is responsible for quality control just as much as product development. In other words, he knows cold brewing techniques better than just about anyone.

While, in theory, cold brew can be made by soaking coffee grounds in a bowl with water and straining the liquid through a coffee filter or cheesecloth, Wolczynski recommends the Filtron system ($38). “The wool filter does a great job of making a clean cup with little sediment,” he says. “But if you don’t have one at home, you can also steep coffee in a French press and pour what you’ve pressed through a paper filter to polish it off.

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Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

‘Not brewed brewing’ Day 2

Uncover & stir for 30 seconds
Pour off the coffee utilizing the press pot screen
Strain a second time with a gold foil filter or cheese cloth
‘Not brewed brewing’ Serving & Storing

Serving Cold: Mix 1-part Cold Brew concentrate with an equal amount of H2O, add ice, milk and sugar as desired and shake, not stir. Pour into a frozen glass with fresh ice, a shot of Napoleon Brandy is optional.

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What is cold brew coffee

On a hot summers day there’s nothing quite like a nice, cold … coffee?
Although Cold Brew Coffee isn’t exactly a new innovation, in the last few years interest in the drink has really taken off, especially in North America, where they even have a National Cold Brew day*! Cold Brew Coffee is not quite as popular here in the UK, yet …however, it has certainly been getting a lot of attention recently; so what exactly is Cold Brew, and what makes it different?
First of all, it’s important to recognise that Cold Brew is not the same as ‘iced coffee’ or a blended cold coffee drink; to make a Cold Brew, we’re not just adding ice to the coffee! Cold Brew Coffee involves a different extraction method, this significantly alters the taste of the coffee when compared to the flavours we would get if we brewed the same coffee with heat.
Preparing a Cold Brew is a much slower process than brewing a normal coffee because we don’t have the heat to help us move things along as quickly.