About Us

ReallyCoolCoffee is about the new way of doing things - the Really Cool way - with simplicity, ease, and intelligence - and we pride ourselves on delivering quality products and superior customer service.
Our flagship product, ReallyCoolCoffee Cold Brew defines simplicity. Up until now, the cold brew process has been a real pain in the A#@%! The old way of cold brewing requires grinding coffee beans to the perfect coarseness, often by trial and error, then the brew process occurs in one container followed by straining your brew using a strainer and cheesecloth as you dirty another container. The result of the old way is a total mess with usually poor results and wasted coffee.

As a company, ReallyCoolCoffee's philosophy extends beyond simplicity, ease, and intelligence, to being inclusive and not exclusive in everything we do - from working with customers that become like family, to delivering products at reasonable costs, and we sincerely thank you for supporting our small but quickly growing business.